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Comments: Kashyapinfotech has provided me excellent work, with excellent service, at an excellent price.
I would strongly recommend them for web development projects. Their quick response and availability has impressed me the most, even with the time zone issue, they are available early in the morning and late at night to help communicate during the times that I was available to talk with them. THANK YOU to you and your team for all of your help on my projects and your great work!
  Gail Anderson, Globalboost [USA]  
Methodology, Process and Skills

Kashyap Infotech’s commitment to each client is unwavering. Built on a proven Methodology, our level of service is unparalleled and uniquely structured for every client. Yet no matter the approach, we are constantly striving to exceed all expectations in customer satisfaction and performance. In short: our commitment to you ensures superior results and total satisfaction. Here are the steps we take to ensure success every time:


Customized Solutions: Understanding your business is our priority. This allows us to offer you a customized solution specific to your unique needs. Our ACE program (Assurance to Client for Excellence Program) team analyzes each client to ensure they receive optimal value solutions no matter the job.


Flexible Infrastructure: Our infrastructure is built on controlled project management. This grants you as much or as little control over your Kashyap Infotech extension teams as you wish.


Delivery Relationship: Kashyap Infotech provides you with specialized models of delivery, matching your needs to offer complete integration with existing structures and processes. What’s more, you retain the same experienced team of professionals throughout the duration of your project. This makes implementations speedier as the team retains client knowledge and workflow for the duration.

The Dedicated Client Center: Our dedicated client centers become an extended facility for you, with your professional team focused on you alone. Because each client's business needs and interests are unique, your dedicated client center is individually constructed to match your needs.
100% Satisfaction: Upon project completion, our client satisfaction team works with you to ensure the work exceeds your expectations. We analyze not just your results, but how we provided them, placing emphasis on meeting deadlines in advance and creating customized procedures for you.
A Partner From Start to Finish: We’re 100% committed and active for you from planning to completion, keeping you informed as often as needed. Leveraging the power of truly dedicated client centers, Kashyap Infotech’s customer-specific relationships ensure consistency and continuity for every client, and for the duration.

From this level of commitment to excellence, Kashyap Infotech has forged winning relationships in business, producing lasting results for our clients. Let Kashyap Infotech work for you to improve your business with our range of services and flexible, customized solutions today!

Kashyap Infotech is entirely flexible when it comes to assembling an off-shore engineering, service, or technology team. We let clients leverage our expertise in locating and building off-shore talent if they choose to do so, or we happily work with client-chosen teams as well. Most important to us is that the client’s targets regarding their resource are met-this is the primary role of our Project Managers.

Once those goals are clear, we facilitate the movement of information from the resource to the client in the most efficient, secure manner possible. All of this is done not just with the goal of fulfilling our clients’ needs, but also with the aim of allowing them to truly grow their business and enhance their capabilities.


At Kashyap Infotech, we have experienced the following issues from our on going processes.

Planning Stage:
Compile a complete set of requirements to reach client goals as efficiently as possible.
Assess the chosen team or assist the client in locating an off-shore team.
Handle any additional resource acquisition (human, physical, technical, etc).
Building Stage:
Based on the specifications provided, form a team hierarchy that best suits the project or client goals.
Arrange necessary level of client approval interaction (as per client’s wishes).
Schedule the team’s workflow implementation in coordination with the client’s own schedule, in stages or at once, depending upon client’s wishes.

Implementation Stage:

  Make the team thoroughly proficient in client’s workflow demands, reporting hierarchy, business practices, and any necessary company-specific software.
  Manage the integration of the team into the client’s process system, as per the client’s wishes.
  Study the resulting work versus desired outcome in order to match project vision and goals completely.

Refinement Stage:

  Continually adjust team based upon results and client’s changing demands.
  Handle all periodic personnel reviews, promotions, and hires/fires within the off-shore team.
  Keep client continually informed of the deliverables.
  Assess resources at pre-set periods to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Web Application Development: Our Core Skills


Programming Languages
C, C++, Java, Cold Fusion


Application Development
Java, VB 6.0 and VB.NET


Internet Technology


Microsoft Centric
ASP, VBScript, COM, DCOM, Microsoft’s .Net Technologies, Microsoft Transaction Server, Microsoft Site Server, Microsoft Content Management Server, Microsoft Commerce Server.


Other Technologies
CGI/Perl, PHP, WEB Logic, Javascript, XML, XSL


Database Tools
MS-SQL Server 7.0/2000, MS-Access, MySQL, ORACLE - 9i


Designing Tools
Macromedia Director, Flash, Dreamweaver, Gif Animator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, 3D MAX, HTML, DHTML, Microsoft Front Page


Operating Systems
UNIX, LINUX ES 3.0, Windows.NET Server 2003


Apache 1.3, IIS 5.0 and IIS 6.0


Payment Gateway Integration
Paypal, Paypal IPN, WorldPay, VeriSign Pro, LinkPoint API, 2Checkout,, ClickBank etc..

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