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Comments: Kashyapinfotech has provided me excellent work, with excellent service, at an excellent price.
I would strongly recommend them for web development projects. Their quick response and availability has impressed me the most, even with the time zone issue, they are available early in the morning and late at night to help communicate during the times that I was available to talk with them. THANK YOU to you and your team for all of your help on my projects and your great work!
  Gail Anderson, Globalboost [USA]  
Why Choose Us
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Commitment to Quality

The factor that sets apart Kashyap Infotech from other leading IT solution houses is its never changing commitment to quality. Compromise on quality is not part of the game at Kashyap Infotech. Apart from meeting the client's requirement we check the product / project for software engineering standards.


Highly Professional and Experienced Staff

Every employee at Kashyap Infotech has had vast experience and exposure of the software / internet industry. Average experience at our company is no less than 5 years. Trainings of new industry standards are conducted regularly to keep every at Kashyap Infotech abreast of the constantly evolving technological world.


Reasonable Price

We price everything according to potential man-hours that a project could require. Project managers provide man-hours estimate and price of the project is fixed as per man-hours estimate.


Effective Strategy

Our strategy is simple: To keep the customer involved in every phase of the project and so far this strategy has been working to our advantage. Keeping customer aware of the project development keeps our cost of changes in the end to a minimum and keeps the customer happy as well.


Quality of Communication

Our mode of communication is online as well as offline. However the most effective communication takes place online through emails, instant messaging and voice chats. We give MSN, Yahoo and Skype addresses of our designers and developers to our clients once the project starts rolling so as to avoid hierarchical discrepancies. Direct communication is encouraged and practiced.


Flexible Timings

There are no fixed office timings and hence we provide our customers with the liberty to catch us online or drop a line anytime they want. Our staff stays online most of the time or if not available you can also ask them to come online at the time most suitable to you.


Possible Long Term Business Relationship

Our focus on building long-term relationships spells our formula for success. We know the modus operandi of turning a customer into a long-term client.



Every aspect of client communication and other records / documents are kept confidential and unauthorized personnel are denied access to it. We have strong business and social ethics and try our best to make sure that customer is given no reason to complain.

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